Claim Workplace Stress

Claim Workplace Stress
Claim Workplace Stress
I have been suffering from a serious psychological illness as a direct result of my working conditions and I would like to claim compensation for the workplace stress I have developed through no fault of my own, how do I access the services of a reputable solicitor in order to make sure I receive the compensation I need to cover all of my losses as well the compensation award I deserve for my actual illness?

Accessing the services of a reputable solicitor is an extremely simple task. If you would like to use the services of a solicitor in order to claim a compensation award for workplace stress, all you have to do is make one phone call to and the rest of your case will be taken on by us.

, in the first instance, will have to carry out a full and comprehensive investigation into your circumstances and your occasions against your employer in order to determine whether or not there is a strong chance of your case being completed successfully. Once we have evaluated the merits of your stress at work claim, we will be in touch extremely quickly to advise you about your prospects of success.

If we are able to accept your case and initiate legal proceedings against your employer, we will do this on your behalf so you do not have to worry about the additional stress of the paperwork involved. Once we have started legal proceedings on your behalf, we will work hard to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation available – this will include compensation if you have lost out on wages as a direct result of your stress-related illness.

Are you eligible to claim a workplace stress compensation? Has your employer failed in their duty of care towards you and did your employer neglect to implement measures in the workplace in order to keep you at minimum risk of developing a psychological injury? Is your employer to blame for the stress you encountered whilst you were working?

If you have been asking questions similar to the ones detailed above, you need to speak to as soon as possible so we can help you establish your legal position in terms of starting a claim against your employer.

Mr R from Bradford approach about pursuing compensation against his employer after he was assaulted by a female line manager. After the assault, Mr R’s employers failed to adequately discipline of the manager responsible for the assault and, in addition, failed to support Mr R following the incident. were able to accept Mr R’s case and are more than happy to assist him in pursuing the compensation he deserves for his psychological injuries.

If you would like to claim the workplace stress compensation you are rightfully entitled to, contact stress claims as soon as possible on our free phone number to provide our dedicated advisors with the information we need in order to assess your claim accurately.