Advice About Work Related Stress

I need advice about work-related stress because I have been under immense pressure in the workplace and I can no longer cope, I am also worried about losing my job – where will I find expert legal advice about my position?

Your employer cannot dismiss you based on the fact you are suffering from a psychiatric illness but, if they do, this is something that will be able to help you resolve. Being put under immense pressure in the workplace is a major cause of stress and have a vast amount of experience in claiming compensation and behalf of those who have been set and reasonable targets in the workplace.
Everybody suffers from different symptoms of stress but, no matter what symptoms you have been diagnosed as suffering with, have the expertise and dedication necessary to ensure you are fully compensated for all of your suffering. Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel under pressure or events that upset your balance in some way. The stress response is the body’s automatic way of defending you against a perceived danger. Stress is also the body’s way of protecting you – when your stress levels are normal, a small amount of stress can help you stay focused, energetic and let. If you are in an emergency situation, stress can in fact save your life.

Stress can also have an adverse effect upon an employees psychological well-being and can cause you to stop functioning altogether. One of the most common symptoms of work related stress is the inability to sleep properly. Another common symptom of stress is feeling tired all the time even when you have done very little.

Do you need advice about work-related stress because you have been suffering physical or mental symptoms of this illness as a direct result of your employment?

Mr G needed expert advice from about pursuing a case against his employer after suffering at work for a matter of months. were informed by Mr G that he had left his employer after being offered voluntary redundancy. The reason that Mr G decided to accept the voluntary redundancy was because he had been bullied for months by his co-workers in the workplace.

The bullying that Mr G had encountered lead to him needing six months off work due to stress. were more than happy to offer Mr G the guidance he needed and were able to provide him with an accurate evaluation of his eligibility to claim against his former employer.

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