Advice Work Related Stress In London

Advice For Work Related Stress In London
Advice For Work Related Stress In London
Do you require advice for work-related stressafter suffering from this in London? staff would be delighted to give you a no obligation discussion over the phone for free to be able to tell whether your claim is able to be taken on by our first-rate solicitors.

were approached by Mr J from Derbyshire, our client had worked as head of properties for a company for several years, unfortunately this client feels that he was put under stress in his workplace which caused him to suffer currently with mental health problems. Our client has suffered with mental health problems since being made redundant from his job.

In any incident such as the above we will fully investigate a claim on behalf of the client to ensure that it meets the minimum criteria to enable us to take on the claim to allow us to pursue the avenues to allow financial compensation to be awarded.

I would like advice for the work-related stressI have suffered from in London, I believe that advisers may be able to advise me over the phone on a no obligation basis as to what my next best steps would be to enable me to proceed successfully with a claim for compensation against my employer.

According to an article entitled, beat stress at work, on the NHS choices website; which states: With an average of 40 days’ unpaid overtime a year, Britons work the longest hours in Europe. Long hours and a heavy workload can cause stress. In 2015/11 about 400,000 people in the UK reported work-related stress at a level they believed was making them ill.

Having read these statistics it is little wonder that we need help from time to time in our working life. Stress can have a huge impact on sufferer’s daily life, and this is what makes staff worked so tirelessly to try to achieve a successful outcome for each and every client that we take on. We know only too well that it is not only the person who is suffering from stress who is affected; it can be entire families who are affected by one loved family member suffering from stress in the workplace. Stress can affect different people in a variety of ways.

If you have tried to renegotiate your hours or taken any other steps to try to alleviate the current stressful situations you are facing then it may well be the time to call a solicitors to see what we can do on your behalf.

If you need advice for work-related stressafter suffering from this here in London, then staff would be delighted to enable you to get the compensation that is justly yours, call our friendly and approachable staff today on: our free phone number