Advice Workplace Stress

Advice For Workplace Stress
Advice For Workplace Stress
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A recent article for the Mail Online discussed stress at work and tips for helping to reduce it, saying that “we all know what pressure is like work with meetings and deadlines. However, stress develops of workers can no longer cope with the pressures placed upon them.”

Their tips include:

 Learning to manage your time more effectively – prioritising your day and doing the most important jobs first, and also giving unpleasant tasks that my priority rather than putting them off.

 Knowing your limitations – don’t take on more than what you are capable of, learn to be assertive and how to say no to without upsetting or offending people.

 Finding out what causes your stress – therefore helping you to change your behaviour to reduce it.

 Avoiding unnecessary conflict – try to avoid being argumentative and seek solutions to the disputes that have positive outcomes for both parties.

 Taking time out to relax – a rest break can improve your performance.

 Avoiding alcohol, nicotine and caffeine is coping mechanisms – these can all add to the problem as a result of the way our body reacts to these things when combined with stress.

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If stress is not avoided or resolved it can have a serious impact on both our mental and physical health. If you feel that you are suffering from stress at work it is important you speak to somebody about this.

We were recently consulted by Ms S from Surrey, who told us of how she was being bullied and harassed by her manager and that this was resulting in her suffering from stress in the workplace.

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