Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety Attacks
Anxiety Attacks
Have you been experiencing anxiety attacks and work-related stress? Then you should make a no obligation call to discuss your case confidentially with the friendly and caring professional staff at to find out if you could be eligible to bring a compensation claim against your employer to an employment tribunal, and find out how we could work on your behalf to help you achieve the optimum results available to you.

According to a recent article on, a recent report from Stanford School of Medicine depression can be one of the most costly detrimental health risks among employees. They state that “however, a new study conducted in Norway shows that both depression and anxiety were both predictors of employee sick leave. Not only that the study found that “anxiety alone is a strong risk factor for prolonged and frequent sick leave and depression alone”.”

This particular study, which was published in the journal ActaPsychiatricaScadinavica, concludes that anxiety “appears to be a more important contributor to long-term sickness absence of them previously described in the literature” – with the article concluding that this is “an argument that underlines the importance of properly identifying and treating anxiety in the workplace through comprehensive workers health care”.

The article then goes on to discuss a publication in Forbes magazine, “exploring the impact of anxiety on workplace performance” which suggests that “while a certain degree of anxiety can provide workers with beneficial motivation to success, many work environments foster significantly higher levels of stress”.

Have excessive pressures and demands placed upon you in the workplace been a major contributing factor to your stress at work and anxiety attacks? Then you should consult the experts at to find out how our dedicated claims team could help you bring a compensation claim against your employer if they were aware of the risks to your health and well-being but failed to take any precautionary measures to protect you.

The dedicated claims team at receive and extremely diverse range of enquiries detailing different circumstances in which work-related stress can occur. Our experts were recently consulted by Mr P, a housing officer from Nottingham, who was assaulted as a result of an inappropriate risk assessment procedure. He told us that he had suffered psychological injuries as a result of this. After a thorough examination of the full details of Mr Pā€™s case, we have accepted it to work on his behalf to help him in his pursuit of recompense for the suffering caused by him as a consequence of what he feels were failures of the risk assessment.

If you have been experiencing anxiety attacks in relation to your stress at work, you could be eligible to bring a compensation claim against your employer if they have not taken all reasonable and practicable measures to look after your well-being whilst at work; so call the extremely understanding and helpful staff at today to find out how we could help you successfully secure the full recompense that you justly deserve with the minimal fuss for you, on: our free phone number