Bullying At Work Advice

Bullying At Work Advice
Bullying At Work Advice
Have you had to face bullying at work on a daily basis and now require expert legal advice for bringing a claim against your employer for the stress that you have suffered as a direct result of this? If you have been forced to tolerate bullying in your workplace and this has been a major contributory factor to your work-related stress, you may be entitled to compensation and should consult the extremely understanding professionals at to discuss your case in confidence and find out how we could help you successfully pursue recompense for your suffering.

BBC News reported that “employers are losing millions of days’ work for you because of bullying”. The article was based on findings of the survey of 5300 workers, which was commissioned by the Trades Union Congress, and said that almost half of Britain’s employees have witnessed some form of aggressive behaviour at work. According to the report, one in 10 of these had been bullied within the past six months.

The news report goes on to say that “psychologists at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, who carried out the survey, found that victims tended to take seven days off sick a year more than those who had not been bullied. An estimated 18 million days work are lost each year as a result”.

Unlike schoolyard bullying, in the workplace the negative behaviour is often more verbal than physical. However, mental bullying can be just as stressful for the targeted individual.

Are you a victim of bullying at work, who seeks expert advice with regards to bringing a claim against your employer for the anxiety and distress that you have been caused as a result of this? Then you should make a no obligation call to the extremely understanding and hard-working professionals at to discover could use our wealth of experience in successfully handling cases of this nature to provide you with the accurate and personalised advice that you need, as well as act on your behalf to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome available to you when you bring a claim to an employment tribunal.

Mr E, a manager from London, recently got in touch with our team of professionals to discuss his case of work-related stress, which he told us he suffered as a result of bullying from senior management.

Our experts have accepted to work on Mr E’s behalf after thoroughly investigating the circumstances involved in his case to establish if there were indeed grounds for him to bring a claim against his employers for stress that he had been suffering.

The experts at could act on your behalf if you are the victim of bullying at work and this has resulted in you suffering serious work-related stress, by offering you accurate and personalised advice, along with outstanding legal representation, when you bring a claim against your employer to an employment tribunal, ensuring that you have the greatest opportunity to successfully secure the maximum compensation award available to you in your particular case; so call us today, on: our free phone number