Bullying At Work Lawyer

Bullying At Work Lawyer
Bullying At Work Lawyer
Have you faced bullying at work on a daily basis, which has resulted in you suffering considerable stress, and you now require an expert lawyer to help you bring a claim against your employer? If you have been bullied at work and this behaviour towards you has caused you to suffer stress and depression, you may be eligible to bring a claim to an employment tribunal in pursuit of recompense from your employer and should consult the professionals at to discuss your case, as we are experts in handling claims of this nature and could help you achieve the best possible outcome with the minimal fuss.

Julian Knight, BBC News online personal finance reporter, published an article detailing the levels of stress suffered by bullied workers. His article includes comments by Dr Noreen Tehrani, a leading psychologist, who says “the three sides of PTSD are hyper arousal, a feeling of constant anxiety and our vigilance; avoidance of anything to do with the traumatising event; and be experiencing, in which subjects suffer flashbacks obsessive thoughts concerning the trauma.

“Early signs of workplace bullying of sickness and absenteeism”, Dr Tehrani added.

Bullying at work can take many forms, varying from ignoring and excluding an individual, to setting them up to fail, and spreading malicious rumours or gossip.

The news article goes on to further comment from Dr Tehrani, stating “generally, male bullies indulge in quite physical and loud verbal bullying. Female bullies favour strictly psychological approach to inflicting pain on others such as gossip and persistent criticism. Bullying managers grab the headlines, but it also occurs between people on the same grade reason on occasions subordinates can intimidate their boss”.

Have you suffered work-related stress due to bullying at work by your managers or colleagues, and now wish to discuss your case with and experienced lawyer? Then you should make a no obligation call the extremely understanding professionals at to discuss your case and confidence, as we could offer you accurate and personalised advice and work on your behalf to help you in your pursuit of compensation to ensure that you achieve the optimum results from bringing a claim against your employer to an employment tribunal.

Ms A, a support worker from Birmingham, recently consulted our experts to discuss her case of work-related stress. She told us that she had been subjected to harassment by a manager and false rumours circulating around the workplace, causing her to suffer considerable distress as a result.

After thoroughly exploring all aspects of Ms A’s case, our professionals have decided to act on her behalf to help her in her pursuit of compensation for stress at work that she has suffered as a result of this harassment and other ill behaviour towards her.

If you are a victim of bullying at work and this has caused you considerable distress, then you may be eligible to pursue a compensation claim against your employer and should consult the friendly and caring professionals at to discuss your case and find out how committed our dedicated team are to working on your behalf to ensure that you secure compensation that you justly deserve, by calling us today, on: our free phone number