Bullying In The Workplace Advice

Bullying In The Workplace Advice
Bullying In The Workplace Advice
Are you a distressed victim of bullying at work, who is now considering bringing a claim against your employer and requires expert legal advice and assistance from a specialist solicitor? If you have been on the receiving end of bullying at work and this has caused you to suffer a considerable amount of stress, you may be eligible to bring a compensation claim against your employer to an employment tribunal should make a no obligation call to discuss your case confidentially with the extremely understanding professionals at .

According to an article of the BBC News by reporter Julian Knight, “research conducted for the British Occupational Health Research Foundation (BOHRF) by the Lancaster University Management School and UMIST suggested that bullying in the UK workplace is rife”.

The article goes on to say that “the research found that one in 10 people had been bullied at work within the previous six months. Bullied employees take, on average, seven days per year more sick leave than others”.

Prof Cary Cooper, who co-authored the above-mentioned study, commented that “the cost to firms must be astronomical, many millions of pounds, and that doesn’t include the mental impact on workers”.

He also added that, “our research showed that witnesses to the bullying suffered many of the same mental problems as people being bullied”.

Has bullying behaviour caused you to suffer stress at work, for which you now require advice on legal representation from a specialist solicitor to help you bring a claim against your employer? If you have suffered work-related stress as a result of bullying at work, you should consult the extremely friendly and caring professionals at to confidentially discuss your case and find out how we could use our extensive experience in successfully handling claims of this nature, to offer you the personalised advice you need and act on your behalf to help you achieve the best possible outcome available to you from the claim that you make.

Our extremely dedicated team recently contacted by Miss M, managing director from London, who told us how she was suffering stress from harassment that she had been subjected to at work.

These claims can be extremely complexand, in order for a claim of this nature to be successful, the employee must be able to show that their work-related stress was something that their employer was aware of, and that the employer did not take any reasonable measures to prevent or resolve the workplace situation that caused the employee to suffer.

If you have been on the receiving end of bullying behaviour at work and this is caused you to suffer significant stress, you should consult the fully trained and experienced professionals at to discuss your case, as we could provide you with the advice and support that you need, as well as provide you with expert legal representation from a specialist solicitor, to help you successfully secure the maximum recompense available to you in your particular case when you bring a claim to an employment tribunal; so call our understanding and extremely helpful staff today, on: our free phone number