Bullying In The Workplace Lawyer

Bullying In The Workplace Lawyer
Bullying In The Workplace Lawyer
Have you suffered stress due to bullying in the workplace for which you now require expert legal advice and assistance from a specialist lawyer? If your work-related stress is a consequence of bullying behaviour by your managers and co-workers, you should consult the extremely understanding professionals at to discuss your case and confidence find out how we could help you bring a claim against your employer to an employment tribunal, offering to you accurate and personalised advice, and working on your behalf to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome available to you.

According to Laurie Tarkan, of Fox News, in an article published in December of last year, “studies have shown that workplace bullying can chip away at a victim’s mental health, leading to depression, anxiety and post-dramatic stress syndrome”.

She states that “a large-scale study has provided more evidence of the harmful effects of workplace bullying. The study found that victims of workplace bullies are more likely to take antidepressants, sleeping pills, sedatives and other psychotropic medications.

“The study, published in the BMJ Open, also found that bystanders – those who simply witness workplace bullying and don’t do anything about it – are also more likely to take these medicines.”

There is no legal definition of workplace bullying, however the authors of the study report define it this way: “workplace bullying is about situations at work, whether victims are in an unequal position with respect to their bully and are unable to defend themselves against the negative actions”.

Are you a victim of bullying in the workplace, who is seeking a specialist lawyer to help you bring a claim against your employer to an employment tribunal for the stress that you have been caused by this? Then you need to consult the friendly and caring professionals at , as we could use our extensive experience in successfully handling cases of this nature whilst working on your behalf to ensure that you secure the full recompense that you justly deserve with the minimal fuss for you.

Ms K, an admin assistant from Sheffield, recently got in touch with the claims experts at to discuss her case, which involved her being subjected to harassment at work resulting in her suffering stress.

When our professionals receive an enquiry office nature, a thorough investigation is conducted of the case to establish if there are indeed grounds for the client to bring a claim against their employer and to provide the best possible advice for the individual’s particular situation. After careful consideration into Ms K’s case, we have accepted it and will be representing her in her pursuit of compensation.

The extremely dedicated team at could act on your behalf to bring a claim against your employer if you have suffered stress as a result of bullying in the workplace, providing you with accurate and personalised advice, support throughout the claims process, and exceptional legal representation from a specialist lawyer, to ensure that you achieve the optimal results that are available to you in your particular case; so call our helpful staff today, on: our free phone number