Bullying in the Workplace or at Work Solicitors Compensation Claim Advice UK – Work Stress Claims


One of the biggest sources of workplace stress, despite a nationwide intolerance of this behaviour, is bullying. Sadly, despite countless campaigns in relation to bullying in the workplaces, this type of behaviour is not uncommon and does cause considerable distress to numerous employees every year. There are no specific “anti-bullying” laws in the UK but there are other policies in place that govern the way your employer protects you from such anti-social behaviour.

Bullying generally comes from two sources in the workplace: colleagues and superiors.

If you are being bullied by your co-workers and your employer is not protecting you from this type of harassment, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation if the actions of your co-workers have caused you to develop a mental illness. Those who are being bullied by their co-workers are extremely likely to be affected if they are not offered support, protection and positive action from their employer.

Some employees do experience bulling from their superiors which does take its toll on the metal health of the worker concerned. If your boss is abusing their authority or misusing their power in order to bully you in the workplace, it is important you take prompt action. The specialist solicitors from can provide you with support and guidance if you have experienced any type of bullying in the workplace.

Bullying in the workplace is any type of behaviour that is offensive, intimidating or insulting which is intended to humiliate, degrade, insult or upset you. Bullying can be directed at an employee because of a physical or personal characteristic or can arise because of a co-workers prejudices. Regardless of the reason you were being bullied in the workplace, can help you make a successful claim if this caused you to suffer harm.

If bullying has caused you to develop a psychiatric injury you could be owed thousands of pounds in personal injury compensation – contact today for an accurate valuation of your claim.