Claim Work Related Stress

Claim Work Related Stress
Claim Work Related Stress
I would like to claim against my employer for work related stress because I have been suffering greatly as a direct result of my employment conditions – where will I find the expert help and advice I need to pursue a claim against my employer for the suffering I have encountered?

The highly trained legal professionals at will be able to offer you the assistance that you are in need of if you have been the victim of workplace stress.

You will access support and guidance from a highly trained solicitor if you approach for help with taking legal action against your employer. If you have encountered sleeplessness as a result of the stress you are under at work or if you feel tired all of the time even when you have done very little there is an extremely good chance you are suffering from workplace stress. strongly recommend you visit your GP if you believe you are suffering from any symptoms of stress because formal recognition of your psychiatric illness is an extremely important part of making a compensation claim. It is vital that have evidence from a medical professional that you are suffering from a recognised psychiatric illness before we can proceed any further with your case.

It is important that you receive the help you need for your psychiatric illness, not just because it will help you proceed with a claim, but also because you could be referred for counselling receive medication from your GP that will help you to recover faster. Your best interests are in the minds of all of the personnel at .

Would you like to make a claim against your employer because you have been suffering from symptoms of work related stress? Do you need the dedicated experts from to help you pursue a claim against your employer for the suffering you have had to endure as a result of your employment?

Miss D decided that she would like to pursue a claim against her employer in Devon due to the fact that she was given an excessive workload which resulted in her suffering from stress. Miss D had worked as a finance officer for over 12 years before she was signed off by her GP with stress as a result of being asked to perform too many duties by her employer. Miss D was offered counselling through her company.

were more than happy to assist Miss D with her legal needs and were able to provide her with a free and no obligation consultation.

If you would like to initiate a claim for the work related stress you have encountered as a direct result of your employment conditions, contact today on our free phone number