Claim Work Related Stress UK

Claim Work Related Stress UK
Claim Work Related Stress UK
Are you looking at making a claim as you are the victim of work related stress in the UK? Do you feel that you should be entitled to compensation as your employer’s actions, or lack of, caused you to suffer psychological injury or illness? If you feel that the above apply to you then you should contact the team at as you may be entitled to compensation and our team can assist you in achieving the maximum compensation award available for you.

Stress is a growing problem within the UK and it can cause a multitude of health problems. There are many reasons which can offset work-related stress, however, whatever the reason the chances are you will suffer from some form of health-related side effect.

Stress brought on by work-related factors can manifest itself in different ways; from bouts of insomnia and constant fatigue to a loss of appetite and sex drive. Long-term exposure to stress can cause longer term problems such as anxiety or depression and if you feel that you are developing a symptom which is associated with work-related stress then it is important that you consult your GP as soon as possible.

It is also important that if you are suffering at work with stress that you inform your employer of this to give them the opportunity to amend the problem that you are suffering with. If you do eventually decide to make a compensation claim against your employer for work-related stress, you will need to show that your employer was aware that you were suffering with stress and that they decided to take no action to prevent you from suffering psychological harm.

If you do not inform your employer that you are suffering with stress then they can build a strong argument that they were unaware that you were not coping with the workload, harassment, victimisation or other reason that was causing you stress.

I am looking to make a claim for work related stress in the UK against my employer as I feel that they have done nothing to stop me from suffering psychological harm; am I able to claim compensation through ?

It would not be morally acceptable for us to answer this question without knowing the full details of your claim, however, our team will arrange an initial consultation to discuss all the details of your claim and we can give you genuine help and advice in regards to making a successful work-related stress compensation claim.

Mrs F from Bristol decided to contact us as she felt that she was the victim of an excessive workload. She was a part-time social worker and felt that she was given work which was greater than her full-time colleagues. She also told us that she was subjected to unwarranted criticism and that this caused her undue stress.

If you are looking at making a claim because you are the victim of work related stress in the UK then you should contact the team at to see if we can start legal proceedings on your behalf today on: 0845 111 22111