Claim Work Related Stress UK

Claim For Work Related Stress UK
Claim For Work Related Stress UK
Are you looking at making a claim for work related stress in the UK against your employer? Are you unsure whether you have the right to make a compensation claim for work related stress? If you find yourself asking these questions then you should speak to the experts at as we are happy to provide you with legal advice, help and guidance in regards to making a successful stress related work induced compensation claim.

Unfortunately, in this current economic climate stress is becoming a major issue in the UK; costing billions of pounds to the economy and society each year. Work-related stress is often experienced when someone is unable to cope with the demands placed on them at work. It may well be that an employee is trying to do too much work in too little time which is affecting their quality of life and it can also cause an adverse health reaction.

There are instances when you can make a compensation claim against your employer if you have suffered a recognised psychological illness as a result of work related stress. You will need to show various different things in order to make a successful compensation claim and our team will be able to go through this with you in more detail.

There are many reasons that onset work-related stress, and it is often caused by a combination of reasons. Many reasons people decide to speak to are; being fired or made redundant, starting a new job or career, poor relationships with colleagues, too much, or too little work, long hours, poor pay, a lack of job satisfaction, harassment, bullying and many more.

I am looking at making a compensation claim for work related stress against my employer in the UK; can assist me in doing this successfully?

It will all depend on the exact details of your particular case; however, our team will happily discuss the exact details of your claim, free of charge, over the phone, during an initial consultation.

You can, however, be assured that if one of our team can process your claim that only the best, and most specialist, team are handling your claim and they will strive to achieve the maximum compensation award available for your case.

The team at received an enquiry from Mr C who lived in Gloucester. Mr C told us that he was given excessive workloads (equivalent to a person working full-time) when he only worked part-time hours. He complained about the problems of excessive workload to no avail as the company was being taken over by a competitor.

If you are similar to Mr C, and are looking at making a claim for work related stress you should contact the team at who will happily assess the eligibility of your claim in the UK; why not call our team today on: 0845 111 22111