Claim Work Related Stress

Claim For Work Related Stress
Claim For Work Related Stress
I would like to make a claim for work related stress but I have no idea where to start – who can help me pursue a claim against my employer for the physical and emotional suffering I have had to endure as a result of my employment conditions?

can help you if you would like to pursue a claim against your employer for the suffering you encountered as a direct result of the way you were treated in the workplace. It is your right, as an employee, to expect a certain standard of care from your employer and this includes your employer taking responsibility for your mental well-being. If you have developed a psychological illness or injury as a direct result of the employer’s actions, or in action, there is an extremely good chance you could be owed thousands of pounds in compensation for your suffering.

Every compensation award for stress at work is calculated carefully and is based on a victim’s individual circumstances and losses. It would be very difficult to say, at this moment in time, without all of the necessary information relating to your case, how much compensation you are entitled to claim. If you agree to a free consultation with , however, it is highly likely a solicitor will be able to determine an estimate of the compensation you could be due.

Would you like to make a claim for work related stress because you are suffering from symptoms of this illness as a direct result of your employment conditions? Has a co-worker caused you to suffer from work related stress or are you suffering from this illness as a result of the tasks you are required to perform in the workplace?

Miss C from Merseyside was working for a large international bank when she developed symptoms of stress as a result of her working conditions. Miss C decided to approach for expert legal advice about her legal position in terms of making a claim against her employer and also to support throughout the difficult time of establishing whether or not she had a qualifying case.

Whilst Miss C was working for the bank, she underwent an operation which tragically went wrong although she still continued to work the company. Whilst she was still at work following your operation, Miss C believed that the company failed to make reasonable adjustments to her working environment given her health conditions and thought that she was being discriminated against because of her disability.

If you would like to initiate a claim for work related stress, contact today on our free phone number to discuss your case with one of our helpful and friendly advisors.