Claim Workplace Stress

Claim For Workplace Stress
Claim For Workplace Stress
I am not sure whether or not I am able to claim for the workplace stress that I have been suffering from as a direct result of my working conditions, where will I find expert legal advice about my case without having to pay a fortune in legal fees? I cannot afford to pay a solicitor to take on my case because I have been unable to work as a result of my illness so how can I make a claim without having to pay any upfront fees?

Legal fees are not something you need to worry about if you decide to contact . We will provide you with a free and comprehensive assessment of your eligibility to start legal proceedings against your employer on the basis of the evidence and information you provide us with in a free consultation.

All you need to do is pick up the phone and contact to discuss your case with one of our advisors – from there we will do the legal work on your behalf and establish if you have a qualifying case for compensation.

Would you like to make a claim for the workplace stress you have developed as a direct result of the actions of your employer? Has your employer’s inaction caused you to develop workplace stress and would you like to pursue a case against them for compensation?

Mr G, a lorry driver from Portsmouth, decided to approach for advice about initiating legal proceedings against his employer. Mr G was entitled to a free consultation and assessment of his case which we provided with a view to assisting him claim the compensation he deserved should he qualify.

Mr G was forced to work excessive hours that were far in excess of the legal limits that apply to lorry drivers. Lorry drivers are only allowed to drive for certain periods of time before taking a break and can be fined thousands of pounds if they are found to be working over their allocated hours. Rest breaks must be taken at certain times but, if they are not, lorry drivers could be subjected to prosecution.

Due to his working conditions, Mr G had to spend a period of time off work as a result of stress. Even after Mr G returned to work, his employers failed to amend his workload which prompted him to contact the experts at . After evaluating his case, were happy to be able to offer Mr G the opportunity to claim the compensation he deserved.

If you would like to start a claim for the workplace stress that has been causing you to suffer, contact as soon as possible on our free phone number to discuss your case with one of our helpful and friendly advisors.