Claim Workplace Stress UK

Claim For Workplace Stress UK
Claim For Workplace Stress UK
Are you considering bringing a claim against your employer for the workplace stress that you have been sufferingin the UK? If you have been suffering from workplace stress and are considering making a claim, you should make a no obligation call to the highly qualified and experienced professionals at to discover how our professionals could work on your behalf to help you secure the full recompense that you justly deserve with the minimal hassle and fuss for you.

In March, the Samaritans cited “work is the number one cause of stress in the UK” and that it can have a significant impact on the individual’s well-being.

The article went on to discuss a survey conducted by Mind, the UK mental health charity, of more than 2000 individuals that showed “34% of people consider their jobs very stressful”.

We are also told that “the study shows that workplace stress has caused 7% (increasing to 10% amongst 18 to 24-year-olds) of those surveyed to have thoughts of suicide and one in five people (18%) to develop anxiety”.

The article also goes on to say that “stress can also divide people to drink and/or drugs as a coping mechanism. According to the research, almost 3 in five people (57%) drink after work and one in seven drink during word to help them deal with stress and pressure.”

Do you need expert legal advice with regards to bringing a claim against your employer for workplace stressin the UK? Then you should consult the specialists in handling claims of this nature at to find out how we could use our extensive experience in securing recompense for people all across the country, who have been suffering from stress at work as a result of bullying behaviour, an achievable targets, or increased workloads, to help you achieve the best possible outcome available to you from making a claim.

There are various different things that can cause an individual to suffer from stress at work, including a lack of support from upper management and line managers, bullying or harassment from management or other employees, long working hours or increased workloads.

Our dedicated claims team at were recently consulted by Mr P from Birmingham who told us how, whilst working as a solicitor, was subjected to discrimination and pressure to perform illegal acts. He told us that he was at first they treated as a result of making a whistleblowing complaint about this, and this caused him to suffer workplace stress.

Have you been treated in such a way by management or work colleagues that has caused you to suffer stress? Then you don’t have to suffer in silence and should make a call to our professionals at .

If you are considering making a claim for workplace stressin the UK it is extremely important that you obtain accurate and personalised advice and guidance before proceeding, to ensure that you do indeed have the greatest chance of successfully securing the maximum compensation award available to you in your particular case, so don’t hesitate to call the highly experienced professionals at today, on:our free phone number