Claims Work-Related Stress UK

Claims For Work Related Stress UK
Are you looking at starting the compensation claims process for work related stress in the UK, however, you are not sure whether you have the entitlement to make a successful claim? If this is the case for you then you should speak to the highly successful, dedicated and friendly claims specialists at who will happily assess your eligibility to make a claim against your employer for work induced stress related injury.

Unfortunately, stress can cause a multitude of negative health problems and sometimes you won’t even realise you are suffering with stress until you are really hurt. Work-related stress compensation claims will cover a broad arena of injuries as stress can cause many different problems; they can range from physically stress induced symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome to mental, or emotional, stress induced trauma injuries such as anxiety or depression.

Generally, these types of claims are harder to prove than others and therefore it is important that you seek out the advice from a qualified legal professional who are successful at handling cases involving work related stress. are experts in this field of law and we will examine your case closely to determine whether you have a valid claim for work related stress.

The most common long-term side effect of work induced stress are psychological problems such as anxiety or depression. The team here at will need to prove, through various different means, that your employer was directly to blame for you suffering this psychological injury and that they took no steps to prevent you from causing harm to yourself.

I am looking at starting the compensation claims process for work related stress against my employer in the UK; are able to assist me in doing this successfully?

Although we are able to help in the majority of cases it would be unfair of us to answer this question without finding out more information regarding your claim. The team here at will arrange an initial consultation where we will discuss every single detail of your claim to get a thorough understanding of what stress you have been placed under.

Because we are so successful in achieving high amounts of compensation for our clients we do receive a large amount of enquiries on a daily basis. Mr R, who lives in Birmingham, told us that he was maliciously treated following concerns raised regarding asbestos in the workplace. The also raise concerns regarding risk assessment and excessive workload.

We assessed the eligibility of Mr R’s case thoroughly during an initial consultation and because we felt that he had a strong case for stress at work we therefore accepted his claim and started legal proceedings on his behalf.

If you are looking at starting the compensation claims process for work related stress against your employer in the UK then you should contact the team at who will happily assess the eligibility of your claim; why not call our team today on: 0845 111 22111