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Compensation Claim For Work Related Stress UK
Do you believe that you have a valid compensation claim for work related stress in the UK; however, you are now seeking a legal firm to assist you in starting this process on your behalf? You should use the highly successful team at who can assist you in starting the compensation claims process for work related stress and we will happily arrange a free consultation to discuss every detail of your compensation claim.

There is technically no law which deals directly with work-related stress; however, there are a number of laws and regulations that can be used to deal with the causes of stress.

It is detailed in every contract of employment that an employer will fill its duty of care towards an employee. Employers need to ensure that they assess their working environment and ensure that the conditions of employment are not putting a person’s well-being at risk.

The Health and Safety Executive have strict definitions on what work related stress is and they describe it as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demands which are placed on them in the working environment.”

Pressure is an integral part and parcel of every working environment and it generally keeps workers managed and motivated. Unfortunately, when excessive or uncontrolled pressure takes place it can lead to work-related stress and this can cause people to become ill. The effects of occupational stress can lead to physical symptoms of ill-health such as heart disease, as well as longer term psychological damage.

I am looking at making a compensation claim for work related stress against my employer in the UK; will be able to assist me in achieving the compensation I deserve?

If you believe that you have suffered psychological problems because of your employer’s actions, or lack of, than you may be entitled to compensation for work related stress. It would be unethical of us to answer the question above without knowing the full details of your case, however, as we are extremely experienced in achieving compensation awards for our clients you can be assured, that if you have the grounds to make a claim, that our team will do everything in our power to achieve the maximum recompense available for your claim.

Mr C from Surrey told us that he was attacked during a course that his place of work. He suffered from PTSD as a result of this and he was looking at making a claim for stress-related illness.

If you are looking at making a compensation claim for work related stress against your employer in the UK then you should contact the team at to discuss the eligibility of your claim, free of charge, on a no obligation basis so why not call our team today on: 0845 111 22111