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Compensation Claim For Work Related Stress
I would like to make a compensation claim for the work related stress I have been suffering from as a direct result of my employment conditions – where will I find expert legal advice about pursuing a stress at work claim against my employer?

You will find expert legal advice by contacting the stress at work experts from . In order for us to be able to offer you an accurate answer to your question above we will need more information relating to the conditions you were working in and the psychiatric illness you developed as a direct consequence of these.

It is important that are able to evaluate the important facts relating to your case before we provide you with an answer to your question – it would be unethical for us to offer you an opinion before investigating your claim.

We strongly recommend that you contact our advisors as soon as possible to provide us with the information we will climb in order to give you a free evaluation relating to your prospect of making a successful claim against your employer. We need to know how many times you were off work with stress, whether or not you have been diagnosed by your doctor as suffering from a stress-related illness and we also need further information relating to the cause of your stress. You have nothing to worry about in terms of speaking to about your case, everything we discussed will be handled confidentially and professionally.

Would you like to make a compensation claim for the suffering you have had to endure as a result of suffering from symptoms of work related stress? Do you need a legal representative on your side who will ensure you are fully compensated for all of the suffering you have had to endure as a direct result of work-related stress?

Mr P decided he needed legal representation from a successful and reputable firm of stress of work experts say decided to approach for advice and support about his legal position.

Whilst working in Whitley Bay for a government organisation, on a fixed term contract, Mr P was signed off work sick due to stress and depression. Mr P claims that his manager treated him as an outcast and that the bullying he encountered was the direct cause of his stress and depression.

provided Mr P with a professional case assessment and were able to establish his eligibility to pursue a claim against his employer.

If you would like to start a compensation claim for work related stress with expert legal representation from a specialist solicitor, contact today on our free phone number