Compensation Claim Workplace Stress

Compensation Claim For Workplace Stress
Compensation Claim For Workplace Stress
Will I be able to make a compensation claim for the suffering I have had to put up with for months as a result of workplace stress? I was placed under unnecessary pressure by my employer throughout my employment and this has resulted in me suffering from a nervous breakdown, I am now having to take prescription medication and I am unable to work – will be able to help me secure a compensation award?

A number of the details that you have mentioned in your question are important facts that will have to take into consideration when determining if you have grounds to initiate legal proceedings against your employer.

Anyone who wants to make a claim against her employer for stress at work compensation has to have had the illness diagnosed by a GP. If your GP has confirmed that you are suffering from a recognised psychiatric illness, and you are either receiving prescription medication or counselling for your symptoms, you have satisfied one of the conditions of pursuing compensation against your employer.

It is equally important you are able to provide accurate date relating to the time you have had to have off work. There is a strict time limit that applies to making a claim for stress at work compensation so it is extremely important you contact as soon as possible to discuss your case with one of our advisors. If we are able to accept your case, you will be compensated for every aspect of suffering you have had to endure as a result of your psychological illness including an element of your award for the financial losses.

Would you like to make a compensation claim against your employer for the workplace stress you have developed as a result of being placed under unnecessary pressure whilst at work? Were you give an unreasonable targets or an excessive workload whilst you were under the care of your employer and has this caused you to develop a serious psychiatric illness?

No matter what has caused your symptoms of stress, will offer you unlimited guidance throughout the process of establishing your eligibility to claim.

Mr H, an IT assistant from Hemel Hempstead, was spoken to in a derogatory manner by a female colleague on a number of occasions. Mr H submitted a number of grievances relating to his treatment at work but his employer failed to adequately investigate all of these. were able to assist Mr H in establishing if he was eligible to pursue a claim against his employer and we are happy to offer him legal representation.

If you are ready to make a compensation claim in order to secure the redress you deserve for the workplace stress you have developed due to the negligent actions of your employer, contact today on our free phone number