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Lawyer For Work Related Stress UK
Are you seeking a lawyer that can help you make a claim for work related stress in the UK? Do you feel that your employer’s actions caused you to suffer prolonged injury, psychological illness or harm? You may be entitled to compensation and the team at can assist you in achieving this successfully; we are extremely experienced in this field of law and therefore you can be assured that if we can process your claim we will do everything in our power to achieve a successful compensation award for your claim.

Stress can affect people in many different ways, however, at work we are normally placed under some form of stress. When excessive stress or pressures become too much it can cause serious harm to our emotional state and physical well-being.

It is important that if you are suffering from stress at work that you make your employer aware of this to ensure that they have the opportunity to amend the problem. There are various different reasons why people can suffer from work related stress, however, common reasons include excessive workload, discrimination, bullying from other colleagues, constant change to the way people work and victimisation.

There are various different treatments that are available to those who are suffering from work related stress and therefore if you feel that your employer has caused you to suffer harm then it is important that you visit your GP for a diagnosis and possible treatment. There are types of medication and also counselling available for those who feel they are suffering because of work induced stress.

I am seeking a lawyer who can assist me in making a compensation claim for work related stress in the UK; can I rely on the services on offer at ?

This would all depend on the exact details of your case, however, our team are extremely experienced in achieving compensation awards for our clients and we will arrange an initial consultation to discuss the details of your case.

The team here at received an enquiry from Ms B who lives in Surrey. Ms B told us that she was assaulted by a client of her employer. She told us that her employer refused to investigate the situation or take appropriate action to amend the problem. Because of the incident above Ms B suffered psychological illness and we felt that her case had strong merits of success and therefore we accepted her claim and started legal proceedings on her behalf.

If you are seeking a lawyer who can assist you in making a compensation claim for work related stress in the UK you should speak to the team at ; we are happy to discuss the eligibility of any claim so why not call our friendly and dedicated specialists today on: 0845 111 22111