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Lawyer For Workplace Stress UK
Are you seeking a lawyer who will be able to assist you in achieving compensation for workplace stress in the UK? Do you believe that your employer acted unfairly and this caused you to suffer stress related injury or illness? You may not be aware but you may be entitled to compensation and the team at can assist you in achieving the maximum compensation award for your stress related illness.

Work related stress will mean different things to different people, however, in general terms it can be best described as the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures placed on them at work.

At we specialise in these complex claims involving stress and as they can often be difficult to take forward because of the general principle that an employer is entitled to assume an employee can cope with normal pressures at work, unless they are otherwise notified, however, our team will do everything in our power to prove that you suffered directly as a result of your employer’s actions.

Because of the above if you are suffering from work-related stress then it is important that you make your employer aware and bring it to their attention that you are not coping with the pressures placed on you at work. By doing this you are giving them the opportunity to amend the problem, however, if you do decide to make a compensation claim against them you are ensuring that they are fully aware that you are unable to cope with the stress at work.

In recent years there have been a steady growing number of stress related illness cases and later statistics confirm that work-related stress is widespread in the UK and that is not confined to one particular industry or a particular high risk job.

I am looking for a lawyer who can assist me in achieving compensation for workplace stress; can assist me in making a claim in the UK?

Unfortunately, it would not be right of us to answer this question without finding out more details in regards to your claim, however, as we only handle claims of this nature you can be assured that if you do decide to speak to us our team have extremely high legal expertise in this field of law and we can provide you with genuine advice in regards to the options available to you.

Our team received an enquiry from Ms T who lives in Nottingham who told us that she was subjected to aggressive an intimidating behaviour from her line manager. She said that her line manager made inappropriate comments regarding her hearing problems. We believed that this case had strong merits in achieving compensation and therefore we accepted her case and appointed a specialist solicitor to handle her claim.

If you are seeking a lawyer who can help you in achieving compensation for workplace stress then you should contact the team at as soon as possible on: 0845 111 22111