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Lawyers For Work Related Stress UK
Are you seeking a highly successful panel of lawyers that are able to assist you in achieving compensation for work related stress from your employer in the UK? Do you feel that your employer could have taken more steps to prevent you from suffering psychological injury or harm? It is important that you speak to the highly successful and dedicated specialists at as we are experts in this field of law; providing you meet the set eligibility needed to make a claim we will happily process your claim and start legal proceedings on your behalf.

It can be difficult to tell whether you are suffering from the effects of stress at work, however, the starting symptoms of stress can include nausea, indigestion as well as difficulty in breathing and palpitations. When we are exposed to excessive stress and pressures it can cause longer term problems including psychological issues such as anxiety and depression.

Although there is technically no law that actually governs claims involving stress at work your employer does have a legal obligation to prevent you from psychological harm whilst in the working environment. There are a variety of reasons that could cause you to suffer from stress at work and some main triggers do include; victimisation, intimidation, bullying, excessive workload, too many hours performed, discrimination and changes to the way in which you work.

The lawyers working at will be able to assist you if you feel that you have suffered because of your employer’s actions and you are now seeking compensation for work related stress in the UK.

This area of law is extremely complex and difficult to prove as there is a large list of criteria that you must meet. It is important that if you are suffering from work related stress that you inform your employer of this to ensure that they have the opportunity to amend the issues that you are suffering with.

It is also recommended that you visit a healthcare practitioner, such as a GP, to receive a diagnosis and some medical help to assist with the problem.

Mr R from Leeds decided to contact the expert team at as he told us that he was subjected to excessive workload which he felt resulted in him suffering from a heart attack. As well as causing psychological harm, excessive stress can also cause problems with the heart and because of this we felt that Mr R had the grounds to make a successful compensation claim for work induced stress related injury.

If you are seeking a panel of lawyers that can assist you in achieving compensation for work related stress from your employer in the UK you should contact the team at ; we are happy to assess the eligibility of any compensation claim in England or Wales so why not call our team today on: 0845 111 22111