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Lawyers For Workplace Stress UK
Are you seeking a panel of lawyers who are able to assist and can provide you with genuine help and advice for workplace stress compensation claims in the UK? will be able to assist you in providing you with expert legal advice in regards to starting the compensation claims process against your employer if you have been subjected to undue stress which has caused you psychological harm.

Stress is now the second-largest cause of work place absence in the UK and the Work Life Balance Centre and Coventry University also revealed that there has been a rise in the number of people who’ve been reporting fatigue, sleepiness, irritability and headaches as a result of work related stress.

Although the above are unfortunate side-effects of stress related injury you will need to show that you suffered devastating effects because of work related stress such as a nervous breakdown, developing depression or anxiety.

Employers are no longer able to do nothing about workplace stress and it is their legal duty to assess and take steps to minimise risk and reduce workplace stress on their employees.

Articles involving stress-related injury are often the subject in newspaper articles and an article which was published in the Middleton and Upsall on 15 May 2017 reads “A woman has received more than £76,000 in compensation after she suffered psychiatric injuries due to stress at work.”

Do you feel that you would have the grounds to make a successful claim; however, you are now seeking a panel of lawyers who can assist in achieving compensation for workplace stress that you have been forced to endure in the UK?

If this is the case then you should speak to the highly successful team at who will happily guide you through the process of making a successful compensation claim for stress related injury. If you have suffered because of your employer’s actions it is important that you make them aware that you are suffering from stress, as failure to do so can result in them arguing that they were not aware you were suffering from stress.

The team here at received an enquiry from Mr G who lived in Portsmouth. He told us that he was a lorry driver who was forced to work excessive hours which exceeded various legislation. He had some time off to recover from the stress of this, however, when he returned to work after a period of absence the employer failed to amend his workload.

We felt that Mr G had a strong case for stress related injury and therefore we accepted his case and started legal proceedings on his behalf.

If you believe that a panel of lawyers would be able to assist you in achieving compensation for workplace stress against your employer in the UK then you should contact the team at ; why not discuss the eligibility of your case by calling us today on: 0845 111 22111