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Legal Advice For Workplace Stress UK
Are you seeking legal advice for workplace stress in the UK as you feel your employer’s actions have caused you to suffer from psychological injury or illness such as depression or anxiety? will be able to assist you if this is the case for you and we are happy to go through the compensation claims process if your employer has directly cause you to suffer from work-related stress that has led to an associated illness.

In this current economic climate and with increasingly busy, intense, and 24/7 working environments claims involving bullying, harassment, excessive workloads, and discrimination which lead to stress are on the increase.

The majority of those who spend time in a busy working environment will be under some form of pressure, however, when this pressure is constant and your employer fails in their duty of care to provide you with a safe and healthy working environment then you may be entitled to compensation.

In order to make a successful compensation claim for work related stress you will need to show that you suffered a stress related injury because of your employer’s breach of care. It is important that you visit a GP if you are looking at achieving compensation and they will generally be able to provide you with medication, counselling, or a diagnosis which will relate the problems you are experiencing to work.

Although this area of law is extremely complex the legal advice on offer at is specific for workplace stress compensation claims in the UK. As we only handle claims of this nature we have extensive legal expertise in this field and therefore you can be assured if we process a claim on your behalf we will strive to achieve the maximum compensation for your claim.

It is important that you bring your stress to the attention of your employer as by failing to do so your employer can argue that they were unaware that you were suffering from stress. By doing this you are also giving them the opportunity to amend the problem and this may alleviate the stress altogether.

Ms T who lived in Surrey told us that she was subjected to excessive workload and unreasonable demands at her place of work. This led to excessive stress and she felt that she would have the grounds to make a successful compensation claim.

We arranged an initial consultation to go through all the details of Ms T’s claim and during this we found that Ms T met all the criteria needed for us to start legal proceedings on her behalf and therefore we accepted her case and appointed a specialist solicitor to handle her claim.

If you are seeking legal advice for workplace stress caused by your employer in the UK then you should speak to the team at who will be able to assess the eligibility of your claim; why not call our team for a free initial consultation today on: 0845 111 22111