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Legal Advice For Workplace Stress
I need legal advice about starting legal proceedings against my employer in order to claim redress for the damages I have encountered as a direct result of suffering from workplace stress – where will I be able to find a legal expert to advise me about my eligibility to pursue a claim against the company that failed to protect me from developing a serious psychological illness?

You will be able to find the legal expertise you need by contacting . We do require further information from you before we are able to accurately provide you with an answer to your question above. If you have sustained damages as a direct result of suffering from workplace stress, will need to know the extent of the damages you have encountered. We require further information about your loss of earnings and any additional expenses you have come across as a direct result of your work related stress symptoms.

Your damages will have to be calculated accurately by a solicitor and this will include your psychological and physical suffering as well as your financial suffering. The total award amount of compensation that you will receive will be based on an accurate calculation of your damages. For this reason, strongly recommend you keep evidence of your losses and expenses so we can ensure you are fully reimbursed for all of your financial suffering. Your eligibility to pursue a claim for your psychological illness will also depend on a number of other factors which is why it is so important you contact one of our advisors today.

Do you need expert legal advice from an experienced and knowledgeable solicitors about claiming compensation for the workplace stress you have developed due to the negligence of someone else? Your employer has a duty of care towards you as they have a responsibility to protect your mental health from damage – has your employer failed to do this by ignoring your requests for help?

Mrs J from Prescott was working as a sales manager for half of the UK and Scotland when she developed symptoms of stress in the workplace. Mrs J felt that she had been pressurised into taking on the role of manager in order to control the sales for the whole of the UK.

The previous UK manager had left due to stress at work and Mrs J has now developed a similar illness as a direct result of their working conditions. have been able to accept Mrs J’s case and are currently striving to ensure that she achieves the compensation award she deserves.

If you need expert legal advice about pursuing a compensation claim for the workplace stress that is caused you to suffer, you can discuss the details of your case without four and friendly advisor from by calling (0844) 346 9880.