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Pregnancy Discrimination Advice
Are you suffering work-related stress due to pregnancy discrimination by your employer, and need expert advice with regards to making a claim against them? If you are a victim of discrimination in the workplace, this can be extremely stressful and the dedicated claims team at could offer you the accurate and personalised advice, guidance and support that you need whilst acting on your behalf to ensure that you have a successful claim and achieve the best possible outcome available to your from an employment tribunal.

Pregnant employees are still facing considerable amounts of discrimination in the UK workplace, as well as in other countries around the world, and suffering stress as a major side-effect.

An article for Real Health Magazine in March last year reported that “the study should show that thousands of women across the country are discriminated against because of pregnancy related issues and that discrimination charges against employers have increased by 35% in the past decade, according to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission statistics reported by Time magazine”.

This occurs even though the US has the Pregnancy Discrimination Act to protect pregnant women from being fired or subjected to harassment or demotion on the basis of their pregnancy, very similar to the U.K.’s Equality Act. Like in the UK, the statistics published for the US shows that legislation such as this has not ended pregnancy related discrimination.

The article goes on to include comments by Jacqueline Berrien, chairwoman of the EEOC, who said “pregnancy discrimination persists in the 21st-century workplace, unnecessarily depriving women of the means to support their families”.

Has pregnancy discrimination caused you to suffer stress at work, giving your cause to consider bringing a claim against your employer but you seek legal advice from experts to ensure that you succeed? Then make a no obligation call to the experts at , as we could use our extensive experience in successfully helping victims of stress at work caused by various situations to provide you with the advice and guidance that you need, supporting you each step of the way through the claims process and always working in your best interests to make sure that you secure the full compensation that you justly deserve for the distress caused by the pregnancy discrimination you have endured.

The dedicated claims team at could help you bring a claim against your employer if you are suffering from work-related stress, whether it is due to discrimination against you for reasons such as pregnancy or your gender, or any other pressures and demands being placed upon you in the workplace.

We were recently consulted by Mr D, a social services manager from Leeds, who suffered stress after being maliciously disciplined because he made it whistleblowing complaint.

To make sure you have the greatest chance of successfully securing the maximum compensation award available to you in your case of stress at work due to pregnancy discrimination, call the dedicated claims team at today, as we could offer you advice that is tailored for your individual circumstances whilst representing you to ensure you achieve the optimal results when you bring a claim against your employer, on: 0844 3463880.