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Pregnancy Discrimination Claim
Are you considering bringing a pregnancy discrimination claim against your employer for the stress that you have suffered as a result of a related dispute or less favourable treatment at work? Then its essential that you consult experts in handling stress at work claims and should make a no obligation call to the professionals at , as our highly trained and caring staff could guide you through the process of bringing a claim to an employment tribunal and act on your behalf to ensure that you secure the full recompense that you justly deserve.

Discrimination in the workplace still effects thousands of women around the world, not only causing issues within the workplace, but the pregnant employee considerable amounts of stress.

The Huffington Post recently reported, in an article by Ian Simpson, that “working pregnant women face rampant discrimination”.

He reported “more than three decades after Congress passed a law trying to protect pregnant women in the workplace, discrimination is still widespread and needs to be combated with publicity and clear guidelines.

“The pregnancy discrimination act forbids discrimination by employers based on pregnancy, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments and promotions.”

In the UK pregnancy and maternity discrimination is covered by the Equality Act 2015, which gives women stronger rights not to be discriminated against by their employers.

Are you suffering from stress at work due to pregnancy discrimination against your and need advice from experienced professionals with regards to making a claim? Then call the extremely dedicated claims team at to discover how we could represent you in bringing a claim against your employer to an employment tribunal, guiding and supporting you each step of the way and always working in your best interests to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome available to you in your particular case of work-related stress.

The professionals at could help you bring a stress at work claim against your employer if discrimination, or any other trigger, has been the cause of your suffering.

Ms F, a civil enforcement officer from Macclesfield, recently contacted the dedicated claims team at to discuss her case of stress at work. She told us she had been signed off work by her doctor, who had prescribed medication for her stress symptoms, and that her condition had been caused by bullying and intimidation by her boss. She also explained that she had suffered a panic attack after making allegations about them to senior managers.

When we receive an enquiry of this nature, a thorough investigation is always conducted by our experts to establish if there are indeed grounds for the client to bring a claim against their employer to determine their chances of succeeding in their pursuit of compensation.

Bringing a work-related stress claim due to your pregnancy discrimination at work against your employer couldn’t be easier that it is with the help of the experts at , as not only do we advise and guide you the claims process but also act on your behalf to ensure that you have the greatest chance of securing the maximum compensation award available to your from your claim, with the minimal fuss for you; so call our friendly staff today, on: 0845 111 22111