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Pregnancy Discrimination Compensation Claim
Are you considering bringing a pregnancy discrimination compensation claim against your employer following the stress at work you have suffered? Then you should consult the dedicated team of claims professionals at , to find out how we could use our vast experience in handling cases of this nature on behalf of clients all over the country to ensure that you secure the full recompense that you justly deserve when we act on your behalf.

Even though in many countries pregnancy discrimination is unlawful, many women are still being caused a great deal of stress by less favourable treatment in the workplace due to pregnancy, maternity and motherhood.

Susanna Kim, writing for ABC News, reported in March of this year that “a new survey found that more women than men in the US report higher levels of work stress, with some women saying that extra stress came from countering stereotypes surrounding mothers in the workplace.

“The results of the annual survey by the American Psychological Association found that 32% of women said employers didn’t provide enough opportunities for internal advancement, compared with 30% of men who said the same thing.”

Are you a victim of pregnancy discrimination at work, which is causing your considerable stress, and considering bringing a compensation claim against your employer to a tribunal? Then make a no obligation call to the friendly professionals at to discuss your case in confidence with a highly trained member of our team and discover how by enlisting our expert assistance you could maximise the award that you could obtain for the stress caused to you by this less favourable treatment.

The above mentioned article also stated that, “Of the 1501 employed adults surveyed online, 32% of the women said they received sufficient monetary compensation for their work, compared with 48% of employed men. Women found another level of stress if they had families, even if it just came from a ‘stereotype threat’, as reported by the Wall Street’s Journal.”

The article included comments from Pilar Clark, a blogger on the parenting website, who said that: “It’s ridiculous, but there is a real fear of losing her job throughout pregnancy creates an enormous amount of stress and tension”.

In the UK, the Equality Act of 2015 protects those who have certain personal characteristics from less favourable treatment in the workplace, including pregnancy and maternity.

Our experts at handle various types of work-related stress claims, ranging from stress caused by discrimination and harassment, to cases caused by excessive pressures and demands being placed an employee by their employer. We were recently consulted by Ms T from Nottingham, who told us that she was subjected to aggressive intimidating behaviour from her line manager, which included inappropriate comments regarding Ms T’s hearing difficulties. This conduct caused her to suffer considerable stress.

Start making your work-related stress due to pregnancy discrimination compensation claim with the dedicated team of professionals at today, by calling our extremely friendly and experienced staff, who could offer you the advice and support that you need over a no obligation call, on: 0845 111 22111