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Have you been selected for redundancy unfairly as you were off work with stress-related illness and you are now seeking advice in regards to making a compensation claim against this employer in the UK? You need to speak to who can assist you in doing this successfully and we will happily answer any questions or queries you may have in regards to starting the compensation claims process for stress at work.

Work-related stress is the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demands which are placed on them at work. It can affect people’s mental well-being and can also cause large issues at home. It generally changes the way in which people think, feel and behave and common mental health problems caused by stress are anxiety and depression.

We receive many enquiries on a daily basis from claimants who are looking at making a claim for work-related stress. The Health and Safety Executive identified six different factors that generally lead to work-related stress. It is important employers manage these areas properly and these are as follows; demands, control, support, relationship, role and changes.

Relationships – this is when an employee indicates that they are subjected to unacceptable behaviour. It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that bullying and harassment does not take place in the workplace. If supervisors or other colleagues are threatening a member of staff for redundancy and this has not been discussed with them appropriately then this could cause them undue stress and it may have to take time off work to recover from the incident.

Whatever the reason you were off work with stress, whether this is redundancy threats or discrimination in the workplace,then you should seek out the help and advice from one of the team at who can help you in starting the compensation claims process against your employer in the UK.

Our team received an enquiry from Mr R who lives in Birmingham who told us that he was maliciously treated following concerns raised regarding asbestos in the work premises. He also mentioned that he raised concerns regarding risk assessments and he believed he had an excessive workload. All the above caused Mr R stress and we were able to accept his case and start legal proceedings on his behalf.

Our team will happily guide you through the entire process of making a claim for stress at work and should you have any questions about this process we will happily provide you with help and advice on a no obligation basis.

You should call if you have been off work sick with stress and you have been unfairly selected for redundancy; why not call one of our team for advice and to see if we can start the compensation claims process on your behalf in the UK today on: 0845 111 22111