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Redundancy Constructive Dismissal UK
Are you worried that your employer may have treated unfairly or in a harassing way in the hopes of getting you to take a redundancy package that they may have offered you, that you had previously declined, and would you like to discuss the possibility of making a claim against them for constructive dismissal in the hopes of being able to take them to an employment tribunal in the UK and receive the compensation you justly deserved for your unfair treatment? Then the highly qualified and helpful experts would like to hear from you so that we can begin to assess your potential claim against your employer and give you voluble advice about the best course of action view to take with regards to your specific circumstances.

Constructive dismissal may be the case if you feel that your employer is treating you unfairly, harassing you are bullying you in the hopes of getting you to either take a redundancy package that they have offered you or to resign from the your position within the company.

So if you do feel that after refusing a redundancy package your employer has treated you in such a way that you feel you may have a case against them for constructive dismissal and please get in touch with our highly understanding and extremely qualified experts at today gives the details of your case so that we can make an evaluation as to whether we believe you have a claim against your employer, wherever you live or work within the UK.

“In order to claim unfair dismissal, you must have been continuously employed for at least one year. However, you can bring a claim for unfair dismissal within your first year of employment if you are claiming on the basis of race, sex, trade union discrimination, dismissal related to pregnancy, national minimum wage, working time rights, health and safety activities, making a protected disclosure, making an application for flexible working or, where in good faith, you seek to exercise a statutory employment protection right.

You can claim at any stage up to the age of 65, unless there is a lower normal retirement age at your workplace. The Employment Appeal Tribunal has held that this rule is not indirectly discriminatory against men (it does not have a disparate effect on men and, in any event, would be justified). You may not be able to claim unfair dismissal if your contract, or part of your contract, is illegal and the tribunal decides that you knew about this, or co-operated with it.

If you bring a claim to an Employment Tribunal, your employer must show that the reason for your dismissal was a fair reasons.” Your Rights, 18 August 2018

So if you feel that you have been bullied into taking redundancy and would like to speak to our experts about the possibility of making a constructive dismissal claim against your employer then call us today at on our free phone number, wherever you are in the UK.