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Have you been chosen for redundancy because you have had time off work for stress and you are now looking at making a claim against your employer in the UK? You should speak to the experts at who can assist you in starting the compensation claims process and we will build a case which your employer will find difficult to argue.

There are many different reasons why stress at work can cause employees to take time off. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) identified six factors that can lead to stress and these include the following:

• Demands – the demands of an employee’s job are too high this cause’s extreme stress.

• Control – employees show that they are not able to have a say in the way they perform their work tasks.

• Support – employees show that they receive an inadequate level of information and support from their colleagues and superiors.

• Relationships – this is when employees are subjected to unacceptable behaviour such as bullying or harassment in the workplace.

• Role – employees do not understand their responsibilities within the firm and this causes stress.

• Change – an organisation regularly changes the way an employee works or their role within the company.

Whatever the reason you were off with work-related stress it is not fair for your employer to select you for redundancy because of this and will happily discuss every detail of your specific claim in the UK.

Our team recently received an enquiry from Ms B lives in Surrey. Ms B informed us that she was assaulted by a client of the employer. The employer refused to investigate the case and she told us they did not take appropriate action. She then told us that she went on to suffer psychological illness as a result of this assault and conduct of the employer.

Based on the information that Ms B provided we were able to accept her case and start legal proceedings on her behalf.

It is important that your employer shows that they have selected members of staff for redundancy in a fair and objective manner. Commonly used methods are; last in first out, asking for volunteers, disciplinary records or staff appraisals.

The specialist solicitors working alongside are experts in this highly complex field of law and we will be able to assess the eligibility of your claim during an initial consultation over the telephone. You’re not required to visit the office throughout your case as all correspondence can be done in the mail, over the telephone or via electronic mail.

If you feel that you have been unfairly selected for redundancy due to the fact that you were off work with stress and you may be entitled to make a compensation claim in the UK; to discuss the eligibility of your claim why not call the experts at today: 0845 111 22111