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Religious Discrimination Advice Solicitors UK
Do you feel that you have been victimised or harassed at work because of your religious belief and this discrimination caused you to take time off work and you are now seeking advice from a solicitors firm who can assist you in making a claim against your employer in the UK? You need to speak to who are specialists in this complex field of law and we can discuss every detail of your claim over the phone during an initial consultation.

Stress is an extremely difficult problem at work as the signs and symptoms of this will vary depending on the person. As it affects people in different ways it is important that everyone looks out for changes in a person’s or a particular group’s behaviour.

In some cases there are clear signs that a person is going through or experiencing stress at work and if these are identified early, action can be taken before this stress becomes a problem. As mentioned above stress has different effects on different people’s bodies. It can affect mental health, heart, lungs and circulation, skin, metabolism, muscles and joints, digestive system and the gut, reproduction and growth and even the immune system.

If you were to look at one of these areas more closely (such as skin) you can see how varied effects can be from one person to the next. Short-term skin problems caused by stress include sweating, reddening, blushing and long-term effects can include eczema and psoriasis.

You are protected under the Equality Act 2015 against discrimination at work and this does extend to religious discrimination. You are protected in areas such as harassment, victimisation and bullying and if you are experiencing this and this is causing you stress it is important you report it to your line manager or employer.

Our team may be able to achieve recompense for you if you have suffered from religious discrimination at work and this has caused you to take time off work sick; you should seek out the advice and help from the solicitors working alongside who can assess the eligibility of your claim in the UK.

Our team are extremely experienced in this specific field of law and therefore we do receive a large number of enquiries from people who are the victim of stress at work. Ms J from Luton who worked as an office manager told us that she was suffering from discrimination and personal injury at work which caused her depression. We felt that her case had the grounds to make a successful claim and therefore we accepted her case and started legal proceedings on her behalf.

If you are the victim of religious discrimination in your place of work and this has caused you to take time off work with stress then you may be entitled to compensation; why not seek out the advice from the solicitors working alongside who can discuss the eligibility of your claim by calling us today on: 0845 111 22111