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Religious Discrimination Advice
Has religious discrimination at work placed you under considerable stress, for which you now require expert advice with regards to making a claim? If you are suffering work-related stress due to discrimination against your because of your religion and beliefs, you could be eligible to bring a compensation claim against your employer and should make a no obligation call to the dedicated claims team at to confidentially discuss your case and discover how we could help you secure the full recompense that you justly deserve with the minimal fuss.

It is against the law for an employer to treat you less favourably than any other workers because of your:

• Race

• Colour

• Nationality

• Religion and beliefs

• Ethnic origins

The above personal characteristics are protected under the Equality Act 2015, along with discrimination against a person because of their gender, and pregnancy, age, disability or sexual orientation.

It is also against the law if you to be treated less favourably because of your association with someone he was being discriminated against because they have one of the above personal characteristics. It also still counts as discrimination if you were treated worse than colleagues because somebody thinks you belong to a particular group, even if this is not actually the case.

Discrimination is usually split into two different categories, direct discrimination and indirect discrimination.

Are you suffering from stress as a result of religious discrimination at work, and seeking advice from experienced professionals? Then you should consult the friendly and caring staff at , because you could be entitled to compensation and our experts could offer you advice that is tailored to suit your individual situation and needs, along with step-by-step guidance regarding the claims process, to give you the greatest chance to successfully pursue the maximum compensation award available to you in your particular case of work-related stress due to discrimination.

The experts at were recently contacted by Ms R, a customer service representative from Leeds, who told us she was suffering from stress at work due to what she feels was bullying behaviour by her manager. This work-related stress became so serious that she was signed off work by her GP, and it also led to a panic attack.

Our professionals thoroughly investigated all aspects of this case to establish if there were indeed grounds for Ms R to pursue a compensation claim against her employer, and also to ensure that we could offer her the best possible advice for her particular circumstances.

The experts at could help you pursue compensation for the suffering caused by stress that resulted from religious discrimination, offering you advice and guidance whilst working on your behalf to help you successfully achieve the best possible outcome available to your from bringing a claim against your employer to an employment tribunal; so call our friendly and extremely helpful staff today, on: 0845 111 22111