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Sexual Harassment Claims
Are you seeking experts in handling workplace sexual harassment claims? If you feel that you have been subjected to sexual harassment at work you could be eligible to bring a compensation claim against your employer, and should speak with the highly skilled professionals at to discuss your case in confidence find out how we could help you secure the full compensation that you justly deserve for the distress you have been caused.

Ellen E Jones recently reported for the Independent an article discussing how to avoid “being a sex pest in the workplace” saying that “it’s not just the Lib Dems who are under fire over harassment claims. Organisations everywhere are struggling to respond correctly to issues arising from their employees’ sexual urges”.

However, as much as sexual harassment in the workplace can often be seen as a rather amusing joke by many, it can have extremely serious consequences on those who are targeted. Sexual harassment describes unwanted conduct of a sexual nature, either physically or verbally. Whether intentionally harmful or not, if the conduct has a humiliating, degrading, intimidating, or offensive effect on an individual in the workplace, and an employer does not heed to a complaint made by an employee, then they could be liable to have a claim brought against them.

This kind of behaviour can often cause the targeted employee to suffer stress, anxiety and low self-esteem, which in turn can then have an impact on their physical health.

Have you been forced to tolerate sexual harassment towards you at work, for which you are now considering bringing a claim against your employer and require expert advice and assistance from professionals who are experienced in handling claims of this nature? Then you should make a no obligation call to confidentially discuss your case with the extremely understanding and friendly professionals at to find out how we could use our experience in successfully handling cases of this type, to offer you the accurate and personalised advice, along with continuous support, when we assist you in bringing a claim to an employment tribunal.

Ms K from York recently consulted the dedicated professionals at to discuss her case of sexual harassment. She told she had been sexually harassed by a number of male colleagues, with inappropriate and suggestive remarks being made to her. This resulted in her suffering psychological illness.

Our experienced team carefully considered all aspects of her case and have taken it on to help her pursue recompense the suffering that she has been caused.

If you have been forced to face sexual harassment on a daily basis at work you should consult the highly trained and experienced professionals at to discuss your case and eligibility to pursue a compensation claim against your employer for the unnecessary distress that you have been caused, by making a no obligation call to our extremely understanding and caring staff today, on: our free phone number