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Where will I find a reputable firm of solicitors to help me claim the compensation I deserve for the debilitating psychological injury I have developed as a direct result of suffering from workplace stress? I suffered for a number of months whilst I was at work so I decided to consult my GP, my GP signed me off work and has prescribed me medication for my illness – does this mean that I am able to claim compensation?

The fact that your GP has recognised you are suffering from a psychological illness, and has decided to treat your illness with medication, means that you satisfy one of the important criteria for initiating a claim against your employer. In order for to be able to accept your case and take your claim to the next stage, we will need further information about your circumstances at work in order to determine whether or not your employer is responsible for the development of your psychological illness.

Our experts must be able to prove that your symptoms of stress did develop as a direct consequence of the way your employer managed your illness. Initially will have to prove that your working conditions were the direct cause of your suffering from stress and, in addition, we will also have to prove that these working conditions were caused by the negligence of your employer. This is an incredibly difficult and complicated procedure which is why you will need an expert on your side that specialises in this area of law.

Would you like to access the services of specialist solicitors in order to claim compensation award for the psychological illness you have developed as a result of being placed under workplace stress? Would you like to find out how much compensation you could be entitled to for your suffering losses by speaking to the experienced claims advisors at ?

will be able to advise you about every aspect of your case and will also be able to calculate the amount of compensation you could potentially receive for your stress-related symptoms. Mrs F from Slough decided to approach with her case in order to receive accurate advice and information about her eligibility to pursue a claim.

Mrs F claims that she was subjected to a degree of stress in the workplace which caused her to develop symptoms of work related stress; Mrs F also believes she was discriminated against in the workplace and is pursuing a claim against her employer for discrimination compensation.

If you would like to access the services of experts solicitors in order to claim compensation award for the symptoms of workplace stress that have caused you to struggle, contact now on our free phone number