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Are you seeking professionals who are experts in handling stress claims? Then look no further than the highly trained and experienced professionals at , as we could offer you advice that is tailored to suit your individual circumstances whilst handling your claim on your behalf to ensure that you secure the full compensation you justly deserve for the work-related stress that you are suffering.

Becky Barrow, reporting for the Daily Mail, said that “stress ‘is the top cause of workplace sickness’ and is so widespread it’s dubbed the ‘Black Death of the 21st century'”.

She reports that “stress become the most common reason for a worker being signed off long-term sick” and that “expert said the psychological condition has become so widespread that it was the 21st century equivalent of the Black Death”. Her article also states that according to a report from the Charter Institute of Personnel and Development that “stress is even eclipsed stroke, heart attack, cancer, and back problems”.

The article includes comments from Jill Miller, an adviser to the Institute, who says the report “highlights the heightened pressure many people feel under in the workplace as a result of the prolonged economic downturn”. The report found the stress had been especially common within organisations that have announced redundancies.

Are you suffering from work-related stress, and require expert legal advice and assistance from specialists in handling claims of this nature at employment tribunals? Then make a no obligation call to the extremely understanding claims team at to discuss your case in confidence and discover how we could help you achieve the best possible outcome available to you from bringing a claim against your employer to an employment tribunal, without causing you any unnecessary hassle or further stress.

We were recently consulted by Mr B from Newcastle, who told us that he was forced to do excessive work on late nights due to a reduction in the number of staff and this led to him suffering from sleeping problems and stress at work.

Our professionals thoroughly examined the full details of Mr B’s case to determine if there was a case against his employer for work-related stress, as they could have taken reasonable and practicable measures to prevent or resolve this issue, and after careful consideration we have taken on the case to help Mr B in his pursuit of recompense.

The extremely dedicated team at could offer you the accurate and personalised advice, clear step-by-step guidance, and support that you need whilst acting on your behalf to bring a claim against your employer to an employment tribunal for the work-related stress that you have been affected by as a result of the excessive pressures and demands placed upon you by them, making sure that you have the greatest chance of successfully securing the maximum compensation award available to you; so call our friendly and caring staff today, on: our free phone number