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Stress In The Workplace Compensation
Have you suffered stress in the workplace and are now considering bringing a compensation claim against your employer? If you have suffered stress at work due to excessive pressures and demands being placed upon you by your employer, then you may be eligible to pursue recompense for your suffering and should consult the dedicated claims team at to find out how we could help you achieve the best possible outcome available to you by bringing a claim against your employer to an employment tribunal, as little hassle as possible for you.

With ‘stress at work’ on the rise it is important for employers to look into different ways to help and support their employees, reducing the risk of work-related stress and therefore minimising sickness absence, staff turnover and conflicts between co-workers, and overall increasing productivity.

Employers are required by law to look after the well-being of their employees, and this includes carrying out regular risk assessments of their employees’ job roles and working environments to see if there are certain factors which will contribute to an employee suffering stress at work.

Employers should also have a look to see if there are things that they are doing personally which would contribute to employee suffering from work-related stress. These include overloading employees with additional work, high targets and unachievable deadlines.

It has also been found that employees have more say in how they work less likely to suffer stress, so it is important for employers to communicate effectively with their employees and get their opinions on various matters relating to their job role. It also helps by providing employees with feedback on their work.

Have employment disputes or conflicts resulted in you suffering stress in the workplace, for which you now seek compensation? If disputes or conflicts in the workplace have led to you suffering work-related stress, and your employer did not take any reasonable measures to prevent or resolve the situations, then you should make a no obligation call to the extremely understanding professionals at to discuss your case in confidence and discover how we could act on your behalf to enable you to successfully secure the maximum compensation award available when you bring a claim against your employer

Our dedicated claims team were recently consulted by Mr L, a local authority employee from Holmfirth, who felt that he was being subjected to an excessive workload following the redundancy of several work colleagues.

When you receive an enquiry of this nature, it is important for our professionals to carefully analyse the full details of the case and determine if the employer was at fault in putting excessive pressures and demands upon their employee, and not considering their personal wealth being when doing so

If you are the victim of stress in the workplace, which could have been prevented, you should consult the experts at about pursuing a compensation claim against your employer, as we could offer you the accurate advice, guidance and support that you need throughout the process whilst acting on your behalf to ensure that you secure the full recompense that you justly deserve for your suffering; so call our friendly and extremely helpful staff today, on: our free phone number