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Stress In The Workplace Solicitors UK
Are you suffering from stress in the workplace and are now seeking a highly successful solicitors firm to help you start legal proceedings against your employer in the UK? You should look no further than the team at as we are specialists in this field of law and we will select the most appropriate available solicitor to tackle your employer.

Stress-related illness and injury causes many people to take time off work and Ben Willmott who is the Chartered Institute of Personal and Development Head of Public Policy, commented “It is in employers’ interests to ensure managers have the necessary people management skills to manage and prevent stress. Stress is a major cause of sickness absence and lost productivity and is linked to a higher risk of accidents at work. Prolonged exposure to stress is also linked to conditions such as depression, anxiety and an increased risk of heart disease.”

There are many different reasons why people can become stressed at work and whatever the reason you have needed to take time off for sick stress-related injury our team are here to assist you. We always have our client’s interest at heart and we will take the time to talk you through everything that is needed to make a successful compensation claim for stress at work.

The specialist stress in the workplace solicitors working alongside are happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to the claims process and we will happily discuss the eligibility of your claim in the UK, over the phone free of charge.

As mentioned in the article above prolonged exposure to work-related stress can cause adverse reactions and illness to the victims. If you are suffering from stress it is advisable that you visit a medical professional, such as a GP, as they can generally help in the recovery process by providing you with medication or referring you for counselling.

Before stress at your place of work becomes a problem it is advisable to speakto your employer to make them aware that you are struggling with the workload, relationships in the workplace or any other reason. By doing this they may be able to solve the problem or provide you with genuine help and advice in regards to lightening your workload. Unfortunately, sometimes it is too late for this and this is where can assist in starting the compensation claims process.

Our team received an enquiry recently from Mr E who was a manager that suffered stress as a result of bullying from management. We felt that Mr E met all the grounds needed to make a successful compensation claim and therefore we accepted his case and appointed a specialist solicitor to work on his behalf.

Whatever the reason you are experiencing stress in the workplace it is advisable that if you are looking at making a claim against your employer that you contact the solicitors working alongside ; to discuss the eligibility of your claim in the UK why not call our team today on: 0845 111 22111