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Stress In The Workplace Solicitors
Have the excessive pressures and demands placed upon you by your employer caused you to suffer stress in the workplace, for which you now seek specialist solicitors to help you make a claim? If the workloads, working hours, and deadlines expected of you by your employer causing you to suffer stress in the workplace, you should make a no obligation call to the extremely dedicated claims team at to discuss your case in confidence and find out if you could be eligible to pursue a compensation claim from suffering that you have endured.

ACAS recently published an article discussing how “research shows 1 in 10 London managers took no annual leave in 2016”.

The article was based on a survey conducted by the jobsite ‘Londonlovesjobs’, which polled 500 London based middle managers. ACAS tell us that the results “also revealed that 15% of 45 to 54 year olds had not taken any time off in 2016 at all, while one in five would use only half of their holiday allowance and 70% of managers would fail to use at least a quarter of their holiday allowance.

“The results suggest that many companies are finding it hard to balance the needs with the needs of their employees, and that many employees are suffering as businesses struggle to weather the economic storm. While employers may be unwilling to let staff take their full holiday entitlement the sheer, giving employees cause to be reluctant to take a holiday could have a disastrous effect on morale and productivity, and could lead to longer term problems of stress and related well-being issues.”

Are you suffering from stress in the workplace as a result of the way your managers or co-workers behave toward you, and seek advice from experienced solicitors who specialise in this particular area of law? Then look no further than the friendly and highly trained staff at , as our experts could use their wealth of experience in successfully handling cases on behalf of clients all over the country have suffered from stress in the workplace to help you successfully secure the full compensation that you justly deserve.

Our experts were recently consulted by Mr J from Surrey, who told us that he was set unrealistic and unachievable targets by his employer. Mr J said that this caused him to suffer stress and illness as a result.

Employers have a legal duty of care towards their employees, and when our dedicated claims team receive an enquiry such as this, from Mr J, it is essential that we carefully consider all aspects to establish if the employer had breached their duty of care and was responsible for the work-related stress that Mr J was suffering.

If stress in the workplace is having a serious impact on your mental or physical health, you could be entitled to compensation and should not hesitate to call the claims experts at to discuss your case, as there are time limits in place in which you can take legal action against your employer, on: our free phone number