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Work Related Stress Advice Law Firm
I have been signed off work by my doctor because I have suffered from work related stress on a number of occasions, I would like advice from a professional law firm about pursuing compensation for the earnings I have lost as a direct result of receiving statutory sick pay – I would also like to know if I am eligible to claim personal injury compensation for my suffering?

Compensation is available for employees who have developed a psychological illness or injury as a direct result of their employer failing to protect them from harm in the workplace. can help you access the compensation you deserve for every element of your suffering including your physical illness or injury and the financial impact that this has had in addition.

If you have been signed off work by your doctor as a result of work related stress, there is a good chance that will have sufficient evidence to prove that you are suffering from a recognised psychological illness. An investigation into your medical records will need to be carried out to confirm this.

Once we have established that you are suffering from a recognised work related psychological illness, we will then need to investigate your circumstances at work in order to establish that we can prove negligence on the part of your employer. Every employer has a duty to protect their members of staff from harm in the workplace and this includes protecting their mental well-being.

Do you need work related stress advice from a reputable firm about pursuing a compensation claim for the suffering that your symptoms have caused you? Do you need a qualified legal professional to carry out a thorough assessment of your claim against your employer in order to determine if you will receive a work related stress compensation award?

Mr O from Yorkshire decided to approach for a thorough assessment of his case and we were able to provide him with a free consultation and a no obligation evaluation of his claim.

All of the work that do on your behalf during the initial evaluation stage is free and provided at no cost to yourself. Mr O had to visit his GP as a result of the symptoms he was experiencing and, after his consultation, he was diagnosed as suffering from depression. Mr O felt that his depression had been caused by the issues he had encountered in the workplace and informed that he felt that he was getting insufficient technical support whilst he was at work.

If you have suffered from work related stress and you need specialist advice from a reputable law firm, contact today on our free phone number