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Work Related Stress Claims
My GP has diagnosed me as suffering from work related stress and I am suffering from severe depression as a direct result of my working conditions, how do I know if I am eligible to start claims proceedings against my employer for failing to protect me from stress in the workplace?

There are a number of factors that will have to take into consideration when deciding whether or not you have a qualifying claim against your employer. In order for a stress claim to succeed, an employee must be able to show that they have a medically recognised psychiatric illness or injury or that their work posed a real risk of causing a psychiatric illness. In order to prove a stress at work claim based on the fact that your work did pose a real risk of causing you to develop a psychiatric illness, must be able to show that your employer knew, or ought to have known, that you were being exposed to that risk.

Not only do we have to show that your employer should have known that you were being exposed to a risk of psychiatric illness, we also need to be able to provide evidence that your employer failed to take adequate steps to prevent or reduce the risk of you developing a psychiatric injury. Causation and liability is an extremely important part of proving a work related stress claim and we will need to be able to find evidence to show that your psychiatric injury was caused by your working environment and your employer reaching their duty to protect you from developing a psychiatric injury.

Are you suffering from work related stress and you have questions about the claims process? Did you know that you can make a compensation claim against your employer for failing to protect you from excessive amounts of stress in the working environment?

were approached by Mr N from Scott who had worked for the same company for the last 12 years. Initially, Mr N had started as a caretaker before he was promoted into a management position. Not long after his promotion, the building in which he worked was sold and he was informed that his job was in danger. Mr N was then asked to sign another contract which he did not understand and was then told he would be called into work if he was needed. Since that conversation, Mr N has heard nothing from his employer which led him to visit his GP. Mr N was diagnosed as suffering from depression as a result of the stress he had encountered.

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