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Work Related Stress Lawyers
My GP has diagnosed that I am suffering from symptoms of work related stress and I have since been advised not to continue working and I have also been prescribed medication, are there any lawyers in the UK that will be able to help me pursue the compensation I deserve for the earnings that I have lost during my recovery period?

If your GP has diagnosed you are suffering from a recognised psychological illness as a result of your working environment there is an extremely good chance that you will satisfy one of the criteria for claiming stress at work compensation. In order for a victim to claim stress at work compensation successfully they must have sought medical attention from a qualified professional and it must have been confirmed that they are suffering from a recognised psychological illness. If you are receiving medication or counselling for your symptoms of stress at work, it is highly likely that you satisfy one of the important conditions of claiming against your employer.

Another important factor that plays a part in determining whether or not you can claim stress at work compensation is whether you told your employer that you are struggling to cope in the workplace. If your employer is unaware that you are having difficulty performing the required tasks, they do not have the opportunity to make amendments which could alleviate your stress. It is extremely important you report your feelings to your employer so they have the chance to help you.

Have you encountered a psychiatric illness as a direct result of work related stress that was caused by your working environment and do you need advice from a successful firm of lawyers about pursuing the compensation that is rightfully yours? Do you need to provide you with the services of an expert lawyer so you can be confident that you will receive the compensation award you deserve?

can provide you with the services of an experienced and qualified lawyer who has an extremely successful track record in claiming compensation on behalf of those who have experienced a psychological illness as a result of stress at work.

Mr P, a housing officer from Nottingham, decided to approach for advice about pursuing a claim against his employer. Mr P was assaulted as a result of inappropriate risk assessment procedures caused by his employer’s negligence and suffered psychological injuries as a result. Thankfully Mr P qualified to make a claim.

Are you ready to start pursuing the compensation you deserve for the illness you have developed as a result of work related stress would you like to speak to the experienced lawyers from about your case, if so contact our dedicated team today on our free phone number