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Workplace Stress Claim Process
My employer has caused me to sustain a significant psychiatric illness as a result of exposing me to workplace stress and I would like to discuss the claim process with someone who will explain it to me in simple terms, where will I find the help I need from a legal expert who will not make the process, using?

are here to help you if you require legal assistance after developing a psychiatric illness caused by workplace stress. Our advisors will take down the details of your case so that your claim can be evaluated accurately by our expert solicitors. All of our solicitors have years of experience in the field of claiming compensation on behalf of those who have been subjected to varying degrees of stress in the workplace.

Our solicitors provide an exceptional level of customer service and will spend time discussing your case with you in terms that are simplified and easy to understand. Suffering from stress at work is a traumatic enough experience without it being hindered by a complicated legal process. aim to ensure that you are able to claim the compensation you deserve without any additional hassle and without your existing illness being exacerbated with further stress.

Would you like to discuss the workplace stress claim process with a legal expert? Do you have questions about the process of claiming workplace stress compensation claims and are you unsure about the best way to progress with your case? Would you like your questions answered by a legal professional who will ensure you fully understand all of the information you are given about workplace stress claims?

were more than happy to assist Mr C from Surrey who was attacked during the course of his employment. Mr C approach for advice about his position in terms of claiming compensation against his employer for the fact that he suffered with post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of being attacked whilst he was at work. Unfortunately, Mr C did not have a case against his employer as negligence was not the reason he was attacked. Thankfully, however as solicitors were still able to assist Mr C and advised him to make a claim against the CICA.

The CICA is the criminal injuries compensation authority and they will award compensation to those who have been injured during the course of a violent assault such as the one Mr C was involved with. Even if you do not have a qualifying stress at work claim, will ensure we do everything possible to access you the compensation you deserve even if it means taking another route.

If you have encountered workplace stress, and if this has had a detrimental impact on your mental health, you can discuss the claim process with one of the expert advisers from today by calling our free phone number