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Workplace Stress Claim
My employer has made my workplace conditions almost unbearable and I am under an unbelievable amount of stress, my able to make a claim against the company I work for in order to secure a compensation award for the detrimental impact my working conditions have had on my general well-being and mental health?

It is possible to pursue a claim against the company responsible for you developing a psychological illness providing you have a qualifying claim against them. Not everyone can claim compensation against her employer for psychological illness compensation, it is important you are able to prove a number of facts relating to your case in order to receive an award.

If you would like to pursue compensation against your employer, it is important you make your employer aware that you are suffering from stress and that you explain to your employer that your stress is being caused by your working conditions. By doing this, you are giving your employer the option to change your working conditions which could help eliminate your feelings of stress. If your employer fails refuses to implement changes to your working conditions, you would have grounds to make a claim against them providing the rest of your case is qualifying.

You must have a recognised psychological illness in order for to help you secure the maximum award you are entitled to for the suffering you have encountered as a result of your working conditions. To do this, you must seek medical advice from your GP and attain an accurate diagnosis of your psychological illness.

Has your life been affected by workplace stress and would you like to initiate a claim against your employer for the suffering that this has caused you? Would you like a reputable firm of legal experts on your side throughout the process of claiming stress at work compensation? Do you want to receive the maximum amount of stress at work compensation available for your psychiatric illness?

If your life has been affected by workplace stress and you would like to receive the maximum amount of compensation available for the struggles you have encountered as a result of your psychiatric illness, you will need expert legal representation from .

Mr A from York suffered harassment at work whilst he was employed which has resulted in him being absent from work for the last three years. were able to accurately assess the merits of Mr A’s claim and we have been able to accept his case.

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