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Workplace Stress Claims
I have a number of questions about the workplace stress claims process and I would like to speak to a legal expert who will be able to provide me with the information I need in a manner that is easy for me to understand – where will I find the help I need from someone who will not come to use me with complicated legal jargon?

will make sure that you fully understand all of the advice and information we are able to provide you with if you approach us for help with your case. We will not confuse you with complicated legal terms and lengthy explanations of the claims process – you will be delivered the information you need in a manner that is easy to understand.

Mr E decided to approach for advice after encountering a number of issues at his workplace in London. Mr E was a manager who suffered from a significant level of stress as a result of being bullied by the management. were able to accept Mr E’s case because he met the qualifying criteria for claiming compensation successfully.

Has workplace stress affected your mental health and would you like to initiate claims proceedings against your employer for failing to protect you from developing a psychological illness or injury? Could your mental health have been protected had it not been for your employer’s negligence and would you like compensation for the suffering that has arisen as a result of their actions?

It has been widely acknowledged that the stress caused by the working environment can lead to increased sickness absence, higher workforce turnover and early retirement. Between 2007 and 2008 it was estimated that over 13.5 million working days were lost due to employees taking time off work with stress-related symptoms. In light of this information, the Health and Safety Executive introduced the Management Standards in order to help reduce the levels of work related stress reported by employees in Britain.

All employers should be aware of the Management Standards in relation to stress at work – these highlight six key areas of work design fact, when in correctly managed, are associated with poor health and lower productivity. It is an employer’s duty to ensure they are not placing too many demands on their employees and that an employee is happy with their working patterns and the working environments. Even if an employer exercises too much control over and employees method of working, this can increase incidences of workplace stress.

If you would like to start the workplace stress claims process against your employer for negligently failing to protect you from developing a psychological injury, contact the expert team from today on our free phone number