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Workplace Stress Compensation
Am I entitled to claim work place stress compensation? I worked for my company for over seven years and I was constantly required to perform more tasks than I could cope with because my employer kept hiring and firing members of staff which left us with a shortage of employees – what is my legal position in terms of making a stress at work claim?

You have certainly worked for your company for the required amount of time to initiate legal proceedings against them, in some cases you do have to have worked for an employer for a certain number of years in order to take legal action against them. If you were required to perform tasks than you could cope with you should have reported this to your employer in order to give them chance to rectify the situation – did you explain to your employer that you were suffering from symptoms of stress at work? If you failed to report your suffering to your employer then it is unlikely will be able to accept your case, we will need further details from you in order to clarify whether or not your employer was aware of your situation.

Your legal position can be determined easily by the experts at but we need to know more details about your individual case in order to offer you accurate advice. You should contact our expert team as soon as possible so that we can begin investigating your case to find out how we can help you.

Are you interested to find out how much workplace stress compensation you could be entitled to receive? Would you like an expert solicitor to carry out an evaluation of your case in order to determine an estimate of the amount of compensation for employer owes you for the detrimental impact that their actions have had on your mental health?

are more than happy to assess your case and evaluate the potential for you of your stress at work claim. We need details of your medical history and your losses in order to estimate the potential value of your claim.

Mrs S from Bristol was a part-time social worker who was given an excessive workload – Mrs S was working part-time but she had more cases than her full-time co-workers. Mrs S was subjected to unwarranted criticism as a result of her performance so she decided to approach .

You if you would like to start claiming the workplace stress compensation you are rightfully entitled to for the psychological injury you have developed through no fault of your own, contact as soon as possible on our free phone number